A Moment of Clearing Weather

For the last couple of weeks, the cloud deck has been low and foreboding.

We’ve had lots of mixed rain and snow, and here, where we live, we live right on the snow line. Often you will look straight out at the Ridge and realize that the snow isn’t all that much higher up on the hills than you are.

One morning, I was treated to the rarity of a sharp definition in that snow line, along with the reminder that we live right on it; I walked out to the car, and as I looked downhill toward the main road, it was raining. As I turned uphill and looked up the lane however, it was snowing. There was a three-foot difference in the snow line, and I was standing right in it. It was one of those “marvelling moments” when you’re acutely aware of God chuckling quietly and saying, ‘watch this, child…’.


The photo here illustrates something else of God’s love: it’s always there, even when we don’t see it at the moment.

It’s too easy to look around at all the storms and forget about how God is dressing up the Ridge behind that curtain of clouds and rain, and at just the right time, he flings the clouds and storms out of the way with all the beaming pride of a loving father and says, “watch this, child…”

It’s that way, every day in all of our lives: God is always at work, no matter how hard it is to see him, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen any sun. Take comfort in that.


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