“Want to buy a gun? First show me your license.”

Easy as that. If we license gun owners (and use secure photo ID), then it immediately fixes many problems.

Let’s get the NRA involved – they ought to be, because everybody should have a gun-safety course, and they’re one of the best outfits to teach it. I still remember my GS course, and how the instructor took his job seriously, plus watched us all like a hawk; checking for character flaws.

Having a GS course run by a cop or an ex-cop and with the coursework sanctioned and overseen by the NRA will go a long way toward fixing everything. Make it so that the NRA and the local authorities both must sign off on the course and the instructors. Make it so that each course is periodically inspected or intensely scrutinized to keep everything ‘clean’. Make it so that to receive your license, you’re subject to a psychological and background check, which is run through the FBI. Make this database completely inaccessible to inquiry except by subpoena. Make it so that you periodically have to update your license and photo ID. Those for whom the license and ID expires must present themselves within 60 days of expiry or be subject to search and seizure of any and all weapons in their possession. Make it your patriotic duty to possess a license.

Let’s look at the consequences of putting such measures into law:

First, the NRA stops bitching about “Big Government is going to take your Second Amendment Rights away”, because they now are a part of the process.

It gets rid of all the idiot conspiracy-theorists who drive the nut-cases farther into the woodwork with  all this stupid nonsense about “Obama’s going to take your guns away”.

It puts responsible people in charge of teaching gun safety and certifying that each of us actually knows how to handle a gun properly. Really, one of my biggest fears about guns is some idiot who never got a GS course or ‘got taught by my father who knew enough’ about how to handle a gun. And that guy’s packing a potential murder weapon in a public place.

It gets everybody who wants to own a gun, whether they want to or not, periodically checked-on by a set of qualified professionals.

And if you refuse to play by the rules, you lose your toys.

Would I subject myself to all of the above? Damn right.

Okay so maybe I posted this before, but it looks like it needs to be said again.


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