Smoking with the Smokenator – another photo-based post

We were going through the freezer and found a pork roast that had been in there …perhaps a bit too long. So I offered to smoke it.

Good reason to have fun using the Smokenator 1000 and to see how it would do with a challenge like this one.

I love to say “Smokenator One Thousand” because it makes me sound like Tim Allen on Home Improvement… Seems like I should follow it with “Arrr, arrr, arrr…”

So while the coals were getting started, I gave it a generous salting, then a dusting with Pennzey’s Barbecue 3000, then finally a rub with a formula we keep around: brown sugar, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder. A light drizzling of oil overall, just to keep the rub ‘stuck’ to the meat and help keep the moisture in.

Here’s how it looked, ready for the Smokenator.

Coals are in the Smokenator, ready to set the water pan in and add smoke chips – this time I used Apple.

On with the grate – – and in with the pork roast!

Here we are, first time I lifted the lid to replenish charcoal, smoking wood, and water – it was still daylight, so I made a quick snapshot. The rest of the evening, it was way too dark to make a decent photo.

And four and a half hours later, here’s dinner!

Check out the nice smoke ring…

I know I should have waited … just a bit longer… for the meat to rest, though. But that’s for next time. What is life, if it isn’t a journey…? And isn’t that what it’s all about?


2 thoughts on “Smoking with the Smokenator – another photo-based post

  1. Nice, I got the temperature controller working on my smoker, I think I have tapped out the prototype and it is time to build the final product. I want one big enough to smoke a turkey

    • This outfit in conjunction with the Weber is big enough to do a good-sized turkey. If it’ll fit, you can smoke it. What I would recommend though is to finish it in something like the Big Easy Infrared Turkey Fryer ($90 at Depot/Lowe’s) so that you retain all the juices but can get it done all the way through. Otherwise you’re looking at a more-than-all-day smoke….

      When we did the chicken that’s what occurred to me. Otherwise I could have just lifted out the Smokenator and banked the coals on one side of the barbecue, and so finished cooking by the indirect method at about 350°.

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