… Like the approaching applause of ten thousand …

I have been lucky enough in my life to witness some great and amazing things. I have been astonished as I see some of the things that God ‘left lying about’ to be discovered and celebrated.

One of these was this morning.

It’s been clearing weather this past few days, and last night the clearing held, rather than the clouds moving in for our nightly overcast. The air has been unusually still up here on the mountainside, and I noticed the particular deep silence this morning as I walked Wheaton down to the end of the lane on our usual morning trek to fetch The Daily Obvious.

Emerging into the open fields, the silence was so great, it began to feel oppressive; for silence this deep is very unusual out in the country – even the birds were silent. And their silence was what gave me the clue: this feeling came from that pause in barometric pressure that foreshadows a change in the weather.

The wind would be returning. And today, I heard it.

It sounded like the approaching applause of ten thousand people; just beneath perception at first, then gently breaking into the range of hearing. It sounded as if a giant crowd was approaching, all applauding. Deep down, in the quiet part of me that worships a great God, the thought came, Is this what Heaven would sound like, as all gather to celebrate Christ?

On the other hand, were I a practicing paranoiac, I could have easily gotten a good spooking-up from the onrush of the wind. But instead I recognize it as the hand of the One who created it all as a part of the living, moving, breathing entity that God intended as he formed the world.

Oh yes, I recognize it: this was God, the proud Craftsman Father at work, once again saying, “Watch THIS, child.”


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