We need a way to increase recognition for women Combat Veterans

I want to keep this a short-and-simple post.

Listening to a story about women combat veterans this morning, I was struck by the lack of respect that they have to endure. Male vets have a built-in respect in our culture, and for them the recognition and respect is so well embedded it’s a natural part of our demeanor. But for women this doesn’t exist.


And at the same time we ask them to endure every hardship that the men endure, plus more.

I may not be the first to say this, but I want to add my voice in hopes that we be heard:

We need to have a special lapel pin designed, produced, and issued to women Combat Veterans.

Only to women Combat Veterans. 

Make it the same cultural icon that combat medals are. The same taboo against wearing a medal you didn’t earn.

I am certain that our women Combat Veterans would proudly wear it.  I’d also like to make the fine point that it would make it easy to thank one of these honored veterans for her service.


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