I’ve been sailing on a hot boat before, but… wow!

This is video of AC72, the new America’s Cup boat.

Now normally you think of an America’s Cup racer as something sort of stately but in a competitive way. Something where time goes a bit more slowly, and even though the pace is slower, the competition is hot.

But this… is FLYING! It takes the whole thing to a completely different space.

Here’s the link to the video:

Some notes here: Whatever they’re using as a chase boat has to have a ton of horsepower, because it needs to accelerate like AC72 does. From what I know about hydrofoil boats, they sort of accelerate like, well, like a sailboat, until the hulls clear the water. Then they accelerate like a ski boat.

I’ve been on a fast boat, and you can really feel the boat accelerate when the wind kicks up. When you hit a puff, it’s like the boat just comes alive, like a horse on a sunny day being turned into a meadow of fresh tall grass.

The other thing I noticed with a gulp is that I didn’t see any lifelines or harnesses in employ. Can you imagine getting hit with a chunk of water moving at 40 MPH! That would not only hurt, it would do a pretty good job of trying to knock you off your feet. What do you do, fellas? Carry extra crew in case you lose one over the side…?

Only one criticism of it all: As a former video guy, I think we could have done better without the slam-zoom moves. That was shot with a gyrozoom, and you can get smooth moves even when things are heaving around a lot.


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