Smoking steaks with the Smokenator: a photo post

We had some steaks that came from the “We Can’t Sell ‘Em At Full Price For Some Reason” part of the case at the local store, so I decided to give them the smoke treatment…

Here they are, prepped and ready to go. Simply salted and Montreal Steak sprinkled, then rubbed with olive oil.

Meanwhile, clean out the barbecue and get the stuff ready to go. Briquets are in the starter, the Smokenator ready to assemble.

Smokenator in place, wax starter cube ready to light. Put the flame to it and let’s go!


Briquets dumped into place inside the Smokenator, water pan filled, fresh fuel on top along with some hickory chips.

At temperature now, let’s get those steaks in!

Looking good on temperature, time to pick up my book for about 45 minutes.

Oh YEAH! Coming right along! Some fresh fuel and smoke chips (cough, cough…) Got to remember to not stand directly downwind.

An hour and 45 minutes later, time to pull them out! Perfectly done!

Let them rest for a few minutes! Finally learned THAT lesson!

Dinner is served!!

Hope you enjoyed it… I did… heh, heh, heh… But seriously, give smoking your steaks a try.


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