Yet more wonders for us to find

I see stuff like this come along and all I can do is be amazed. When you consider how vast and unique that God’s creation is, think about how it will be eternity upon eternity before we even begin to understand what he’s about.

It’s like I said in this post: ‘…wonders for us to find…”

To quote from the page:

When Cassini arrived in the Saturn system in 2004, Saturn’s north pole was dark because the planet was in the middle of its north polar winter. During that time, the Cassini spacecraft’s composite infrared spectrometer and visual and infrared mapping spectrometer detected a great vortex, but a visible-light view had to wait for the passing of the equinox in August 2009. Only then did sunlight begin flooding Saturn’s northern hemisphere. The view required a change in the angle of Cassini’s orbits around Saturn so the spacecraft could see the poles.

Imagine this: NASA had to wait NINE YEARS before they could get a look at what was going on. And what they found was a hurricane that is larger than two Earths side to side.

Here’s a link to the page, which contains a nicely-done video.

Hidden wonders for us, his children, to find; indeed.


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