I Wouldn’t Be Steamguy unless…

I passed along stuff like this.

The Phillips Brothers built a steam-powered mill in California; the short story is that it is still working. And here’s a YouTube link. Grab a cup of coffee and have a sit; you’re not going to want to get up and the vid is 14:00 or so long.

This is definitely a fun watch. Notice how they are turning over the engine BY HAND (‘rolling her over’) first thing in the morning. They have the condensate drain open on the cylinder and they just crack the throttle a bit so they get ‘turning her over slow’ so that the condensate will clear. Then after the condensate is cleared, they close the drain cock and -notice- they gradually throttle up until the engine is warmed up enough to work. Then they start cutting in all the live-shafts. Then see how quietly those live-shafts run in the shot that shows just the live-shafts. All the equipment that you’d think was air powered – uh-uh, it’s steam doing that work.

Does that bring mist to my eyes when thinking of my Father-in-law who was a Stationary Steam Engineer and who also was totally fascinated with this stuff?

You bet.


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