Okay, since Star Wars came out on this day in 1977…

I just had to do something…

And here you go. This is just geeky enough for me… !

An Analysis of Blaster Fire

I started to read the comments, and then looked up to realize I’d wasted ten minutes. Without getting even halfway through.

“Alderaan was hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction”

indeed… And it just gets more and more funny…

“Alderaan was not a peaceful planet. The ruling family (the Organas) was harboring anti government elements known for senseless destruction of lives and property in order to topple the ruling party and implement an obsolete fanatical religious dogma, i.e.: the Jedi religion. Since the first day that the Empire began to rule the galaxy the Organas lost a lot of control on their planet as they had to follow strict imperial guidelines that no longer allowed them to pass local laws that benefited only them (the Organas).”

Wow, some folks really get wound up in the stuff…


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