Okay, I admit I’m an old Trekkie…

And some of the new movie material they have been doing is good. But hey, evil entities and continually blowing stuff up are beginning to get a bit wearying.

Even so, the SPFX (special effects) guys have put some thought into ship movement that was never in earlier movies. For instance, the multiple undocking sequence was phenomenal. After the movie was over, I had to jump back to it and watch it several times, because it was as if I’d designed the sequence.  I absolutely loved the easy, falling-away motions of the ships in the shot.

Over on io9, Esther Inglis-Arkell has a great post about 10 Classic Star Trek Plot Devices That Could Inspire The Next MovieAnd they’re really, I mean really good ideas. Oh my gosh, bring back Redjac, or Q? What a brilliant idea!

The comments are a hoot. Some folks put some real thought into their commenting.

Even more fun: the page has a create-your-own-plotline gizmo.

Here’s a link to it.




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