Someone wiser than I will have to answer this one

This is just a question that I’ve not yet heard asked. Let me frame it in what I know about repayment contracts:

There is always a penalty from the lender when payments are not made on time. Sometimes the interest rate jumps alarmingly (in the case of credit cards) or sometimes there is a penalty assessed which is calculated based upon the outstanding value of the amount owed.

So then, here’s the question:

What will America’s lien-holders require of us in the case of a default and subsequent non-payment?

Seriously, Congress, this is an echo of something I said so long ago: Stop acting like spoiled children. Stop letting the nut-cases drive; shove them aside and have somebody responsible take charge.

Yes, we know that the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. But it’s a start. Instead of getting your shorts in a twist about it, use the system invented 200 years ago and make it better. Then it can be transformed into a truly great accomplishment.


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