Time to make a routine of checking your auto’s lights; Here’s how to make it easy and quick

Now that we’re back in Daylight Savings Time, you notice more than ever the lack of working headlights, marker lights, signal lights, and taillights. Added in is the factor that most bulbs are made in China, with short lifetimes due to poor quality control (yes, this again).

In the interest of your safety, take the 20 seconds to check your lights. Often you can do the entire routine from the comfort of your driver’s seat, while the car is warming up, and you should make it a routine. Here’s how:

  1. Start the car.
  2. Switch on the parking lights. Note the glow from the garage door behind (or in front), and look out all sides of the car, then through the mirror to see an even glow on all sides of the car. If it isn’t even, hop out and look. Takes ten seconds extra if you have to get out. It’s better than getting in a wreck or getting a ticket.
  3. Parking lights off, hit each turn signal in turn, check for the flash in front and out back. Again, if no light, go look.
  4. Now switch on the headlights, check for even glow both sides of the car. Check the high beams.

Doing it in this order makes sure you aren’t blinded by the headlights and therefore can’t see the glow of the marker lights.

Now how long did that really take? Plus the car’s idled long enough that it’s ready to go.

Be safe.


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