The Sing-Off is Back!

And it’s just as good as it has ever been… a Capella at its finest! No other instruments used, it’s all done with the human voice. The show is well-produced, well-shot, pretty well-mixed (considering they get one chance at it). And it is gooooooooooood.

Let me give you a clickable link, right up top here.

Last night’s show-opener was absolute dy-no-mite! I wish I could get a recording of it, it was that good.

I have always maintained that music is a gift from God. It’s the communication of one soul with another. We all hear it differently, and my hearing goes to the spirit in the music. I can always tell when it’s some studio musician just banging out the notes for a few bucks, versus someone who is totally involved in the song.

I was rooting for the old guys, they had this wonderful overflowing heart and deep soul in their music. But, darn, they got bumped last night. However, it’s worth watching the earlier episodes, just to watch these guys.

Seriously, it’s that good.


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