The Best Scrambled Eggs You’ll Ever Taste – and they’re easy!

I’ll never be able to catch up to my wife, who is a hobbyist gourmet cook. But she would rather I do breakfast. So through the years I’ve come up with a few good things here and there, and it’s time to share them.

Here’s my famous Scrambled Eggs recipe. You won’t believe how fluffy and creamy these will turn out. And the best part is, they never miss!

It’s a weekend staple, my go-to thing to do when I can’t think of anything else. The secret is Ranch Dressing.

Yup, Ranch.

You need either full-fat or Light Ranch; I happen to like Hidden Valley, but if you are fond of something else, hey, give it a try. My only warning is NOT to use fat-free Ranch dressing. Not only does it taste like chewing gum, but it will break when used in this recipe. I’ve never had any luck at all when using any type of fat-free dressing for this.

I also ‘amp-up’ the flavor by adding Montreal Chicken Seasoning. If you’ve never heard of it, go HERE. Using it is optional, but I do recommend giving it a try.

You’re also going to like my shortcut. No measuring!

Okay, let’s get started. Let’s do 5 eggs.

Break the eggs into your bowl, then take the Ranch dressing and give a squirt of about the volume of one egg. (Yup, that easy.) Make sure you put the eggs in first, or the Ranch will stick to the bowl, and you’ll never get it all mixed in. (Guess how I know this.)

Here’s a picture, if that wasn’t easy enough:

Step 1

Step 1: Add Ranch

I happen to like my eggs a bit creamier, so I use a bit more. There is a limit to how much you can use, though – too much and you end up with something resembling cottage cheese.

The next step depends on if you have something else cooking – such as bacon (hey, what else?). If you do have something on the fire, wait to add salt and seasoning. Salt, when left in eggs for too long, changes their character, making them grainy and throwing the texture way off.

So when the fire and the pan are free to cook the eggs, throw a big pinch of salt right into the area where the dressing is and give that same spot a few heavy shakes of Montreal Chicken.  This ensures that your seasonings go all through the eggs.

Then take a salad fork and whisk like crazy to combine.

Cook your scrambled eggs using your favorite method, and enjoy!

Now wasn’t that easy…?


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