The right way to grind coffee in an electric grinder

Okay, I know this sounds like I’m making rocket science out of everyday things.

But when I find something that works, hey, why not share the good news? Or maybe it’s just the Alton Brown side of me coming out…

So here’s how this came about: I noticed that the Braun electric grinder makes an oily, sticky mud out of some of the coffee beans you put in it, and doesn’t completely grind the rest. This ‘mud’ clogs the filter material in the coffee pot, and the coffee isn’t as good as it should be as a result.

I also found out that when you create this oily mud in the grinder that you’re extracting the oils from the coffee beans in the grinder, rather than in the coffee pot. So your coffee suffers as a result.

So what’s the right way?

Short pulses. Push the switch with your thumb just enough to make the grinder start, then let go. Should be a short pulse, like BAM! Grinder winds down, then BAM! again. Think of how you would pulse a food processor if you were making pie crust.

Do this about 30-40 times. Goes quicker than you think; takes about the same amount of time as the other way.

And look! The coffee doesn’t clump up in a mess in the grinder, and look at how even the grind is!:

Nice clean grinder, nice even grind


I’ll also share a real secret: Add a pinch of salt to the grounds. You won’t believe how good it makes the coffee. Even the worst stuff you have in the cupboard is pretty fair if you add a pinch of salt.



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