Aston-Martin recalls 75% of post-2008 vehicles

I’ve been saying for some time that it’s difficult to trust items from China as being of high quality or safe.

I’m even so set in this attitude that I don’t shop at certain *Mart stores, except when I can’t find something somewhere else. I’d rather keep a neighbor in a job than give dollars to people whose integrity is questionable.  I don’t mind my dollars going places where I can trust the quality of what I’m getting, but when buying something from China becomes a calculation of risk, then I’d rather skip the risk, thank you.

Chinese materials and manufacturers have disappointed in the past, and now do so again. It appears that there are few scruples in their culture of ‘making an extra buck’, and indifference as to what misery it causes for others. Witness the dog food recall of the past – the makers of certain dog foods were importing ingredients – many from China – and they ended up with an inferior and adulterated product that caused pain and suffering for thousands of innocent animals that had trusted us to take good care of them.

And now Aston-Martin has learned this lesson the hard way. Their gas pedals, of all things, were supposed to be made of a DuPont compound and molded in China. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer has substituted inferior and adulterated materials, and Aston-Martin has to pay the price. Fortunately nobody’s been hurt or killed, but hey, the Chinese subcontractor doesn’t care.

Seriously, what’s trust worth? What price do you put on integrity?

Does the profit from that pain and suffering a world away feel good in your pocket?


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