Shout out to The Ed Show

I’ve never been any kind of a fan of a TV or radio “host” who stays isolated in a warm, dry studio and tells everybody what to think.

Likewise, conspiracy theorists and people (let alone so-called “news” organizations) who make up stories, falsify images with PhotoShop, and generally conspire to mislead people in the name of their point of view; these are people who must be ignored. I try not to make a judgement in any way; that’s God’s job. At the same time, I don’t watch a lot of this stuff, because I don’t appreciate “being yelled at”, which seems to be the style of presentation of many of these people. Sure, they can get enthusiastic, but talk TO me, not AT me. Employ some broadcast etiquette, wouldja? Okay, enough.

I have always had a respect for news-gatherers who actually take the time and shoe leather to find out the facts, and then report them as honestly as possible without coloring them to one point of view or another; no matter if the facts disagree with the reporter’s personal opinion. If you’re reporting the news, then you have a moral obligation to integrity. 

Which brings me to Ed Shultz, on MSNBC.  He has been talking about the Keystone XL pipeline, and has been on both sides of the project: First from an environmental point of view, he was against it, but then because of the hazards in transporting this more dangerous type of crude (fires and spills), he thought maybe the pipeline would be the safest way to move the product.

So he had been in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline, but had heard from a number of viewers that maybe he ought to rethink that position. Which brought him to needing to know the facts.

And here’s the part that brings me more respect for him: He actually went there and found out for himself. 


Real, actual, in-the-field reporting.

And people in Nebraska noticed. It’s in the papers, and on their websites. Here’s a link to a sample. 

Good for you, Ed Shultz. Good for you for showing others how it’s supposed to be done.


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