The End of Knowledge, and a Word

I’ve been working as Webmaster for our church’s new website, and launch time is near.

There are some things about it which seem to defy understanding. I’ll readily admit that part of it comes from me; I know how sites are supposed to work, and this one isn’t supposed to be much different.

But there are places, “features”, in the way the site does things which are baffling. I was conducting a familiarization session with our church Staff and ran up against almost every one of these. Places for, and steps to, document importing and placing; for instance.

But meanwhile, our Staff and Pastor were extremely insightful and yes, inspired, about what to have on each page, and the order they should be in. The session was uplifting and an insight to me as to how genuine and dedicated our church Staff are in seeking God and living it every day.

And after our session last night, I was feeling the ends of my knowledge particularly keenly. I could easily see where the road of my own knowledge ended at the edge of a dark abyss.

This is the Lord’s work, so I decided I’d better take my problems to The Boss.

One church we used to attend believed strongly in the direct dialog with God, and in just listening for a Word from him.

So while I was outside, during my devotions, when it was appropriate for me, I just sat and poured out my problems. “Look, Lord, I’ve hit the end of my knowledge…”

And there it was: “And now you stand at the frontier of my knowledge.”

The vastness of physical laws and forces is far beyond my understanding; he who created everything…
from the stars to the electrons and sub-particles which we send whipping around through wires, moving data from point to point…
He is the One who is keeping his guiding hand upon my shoulder.

When we hit the end of our knowledge, we stand at the frontier of God’s knowledge.



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