You know it’s summer when…

… the rain is warmer!

That’s an old saying we have here in Western Washington, and for the last week or so, it’s certainly been true. The front and back meadow grasses are about a foot high, and mostly un-mowable because the grass is so wet. I say ‘mostly’ because I suppose I could go and rent a brush hog for my tractor and handle it that way. But I’m not.

This morning when I took Wheaton the Golden Retriever on our morning walk to get the paper, it was absolutely pouring. And how much warmer is the rain…? I was sweating inside my jacket, even as rain was running off me in sheets, and off my hat in a continuous stream. Walking through the Grove of the Cloud-sifters, it was like being in a war zone with big drops hitting in cannonades.

Meanwhile, inside the house, nothing wants to dry out because the humidity is so very high. It’s currently 65° inside (and out!) but it feels about 8° warmer. Several windows are open, not so much for fresh air as just for some circulation. These are times when you get out of the shower, dry and brush your hair, and have to run the defroster in the car all the way to work so your hair dries out before you get inside. And my hair is fairly short.

Thing is, I could choose to concentrate on all the negative things, but choosing to look at the positives is more honoring of God:

  • I could choose to concentrate on my left knee’s pulled ACL (I have bad ACLs in both knees, and the left one has flared up), but I’m looking at the rain as an opportunity to rest it a bit and work my physical-therapy for it. (Prayers are gladly accepted, and I thank God in the meantime that it’s getting better)
  • The rain renews our well and waters the garden.
  • The rain brings a wonderful soft light to all things outside, giving the idiot deer (yes, deer are idiots) the look of wearing a wool blanket.
  • God hides the mountains behind the clouds so that we appreciate them so much more when they are revealed.

Life is not so much about the troubles you have in your journey, but it’s more about how you choose to handle them. Which view will you choose – the short view of ‘woe is me’, or the longer view of ‘what do you want me to learn from this, Lord?’


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