A chillingly prescient piece in the Financial Times about ISIS; it is worth your notice and your time in reading

Those of you who know me know that part of my job consists of market research. I get several publications and sift for the large story, then pass it to a colleague who pulls out the relevant details.

But sometimes there’s a story that sticks with you.

Case in point was an extraordinarily prescient piece in the Financial Times around the end of May. In it, the author pointed out that all of the current conflict has been brewing for a while, and it is not border-related. Rather, one has to consider the peoples involved.  Looking back at it again, it is chilling in its accuracy.

I submit that this will give you a mind-opening look into the entire region, and once you begin reading through the article, many things about the current situation there will snap sharply into focus.

I cannot quote the Financial Times directly as they are heavily copyrighted and well-lawyered. But here is the link. I’ll drop it in as plain text and also as a link so that if your browser can’t make sense of it, then you can copy-and-paste, or even Google the search term.

Middle East: Three nations, one conflict



This is indeed worth passing along.


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