5-day checkup result after laser eye surgery

So far, the laser ‘welds’ to my left retina are holding.

This is always the tense point, because if my eye wasn’t stable, we’d have to go to ‘the next level’; un-fun stuff. The exam isn’t really fun, either, but you just have to take it – the dilator drops which are so strong they act for 72 hours, the doctor shining a bright light in your eye, then the feeling of him sticking a thumb in it and pushing on your eyeball…

But you know what, it’s good to get good news.

I don’t pray for nothing to be found; but I pray for it to be healed so that nothing wrong will be found. To me, there’s a difference. The first is almost like asking for symptoms to be hidden, whereas the second is asking for God’s healing to be revealed.

Now I’m just waiting for the dilator drops to wear off. I can drive and work, but neither are much fun, as the defocussing of my left eye caused by the dilator drops is a significant handicap. And a reminder to both thank God for the healing I have and to trust him for my recovery.

Doubt wants me to worry. Worry does no good, so I cling to faith.

And that’s where BOTH faith and prayer come in:

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Psalm 119:114NIV

Thank you everyone, for your prayers.



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