Maybe rain’s finally coming

This summer for us on the side of the mountain has been really different. We’ve had warm-to-hot weather ever since the middle of June, and the typical break in late July, but that break was only a brief shower – not enough of a relief for the meadows and to comfortably recharge our well.

But the weather hasn’t been the typical scorching, breathless heat; except for just a few days. I counted only three days of breathless, windless heat. The humidity, however – wow – sometimes as high as 80%, and typically around 60%. It has finally dropped below 25% in the last few days.

This is an old sign that rain is coming. When humidity finally drops, it used to mean that we’d have some kind of moisture on the way. My guess right now is that it’ll come in the form of some thunderstorms if the heat stays up, otherwise just some rain if the temperature finally drops.

And another observation on the heat: it hasn’t been below 80° for a daytime high since mid-June, other than the shower-break day. But today it looks like the high will be in the high-to-mid 70s, a real break for us.

And I will finally admit that maybe my talents and energy in gardening would be better spent elsewhere. God obviously has something else in mind for my garden. Because of our altitude, the sun is really tough on stuff like basil, it was killed at 2″ tall. Root crops consistently do badly; witness my brilliant idea this year to try beets, which turned out looking like lumpy alien things from a 50’s science fiction movie. The Brussels Sprouts look more like small palm trees. The kale… well… let’s not go there. But tomatoes, hey, we’re finally getting tomatoes. The Romas are doing well, and so far have produced a good-looking handful. Nice character in their taste. The handful so far of the Sungold are wonderful. The larger variety that I planted… good fruit setting, but … still green.

Because of my  repaired and (so far) stable torn retina, I’m still restricted from heavy work like mowing the meadows, and in a way that’s freeing. I get to see them the way God made them to be, and they have a wild, shaggy beauty. I could look at this from the standpoint that it looks like a real slouch lives in our house, but that’s counterproductive.

I choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative. It’s a choice we all have to make, moment-to-moment, and it helps to ask, ‘Which honors God?’


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