Finally, Rain!

After 8 weeks – that’s TWO MONTHS of dust – we had rain.

Just breathing brings a luxury of clean air lacking the ever-present dust haze. I look at my pickup truck and it’s blue again, not tiger-stripe brown from the incessant dust and occasional heavy dew.

The meadows sigh with the rain crossing them, and the grass lies down in praise to God.

I ran around with a grab-shot camera, trying to catch that elusive quality of raindrops on deck surfaces worn smooth by foot traffic; and though I got a fairly good-looking shot, it still doesn’t have that ‘dancing raindrop’ quality.

Nonetheless, I came back in with my shoulders joyously wet from the rain.

Click to enlarge.

Rain 8-30-14 (c) SteamguyBut as I looked at this, seeing now in front of me where God directed my mind’s eye, I’m finding one of those things which God chooses to reveal only after a moment or two of contemplation: this shot has that wonderful quality of liquid-silver, begotten by the blessing of … rain.


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