The best new kitchen gadget

… is the Stretch-tite dispenser…


I don’t usually go for single-purpose things, or ‘dispensers’ of any kind, but this thing has got my vote.

It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of this before?” items: it doesn’t matter what kind of cling film you use – Handi-Wrap, Saran Wrap, Stretch-Tite (my favorite) or even that awful Kirkland stuff.

This thing handles most sizes of cling film and has cut down markedly on the swearing when cleaning up after dinner: put the plate, bowl, dish, what-have-you in front of the dispenser, pull out the film, tack it down on the far side, press down on the top to cut the film, and put the film in place on the far side. Seal the sides and Bob’s your uncle. Eight seconds max.


Tease out a corner of the film from the box, being careful not to cut yourself, get it somehow mostly over the dish, pull out probably enough film, and try to cut it whilst holding the dish, film, and box in relation to one another so the film doesn’t stick to itself. Cut the film without cutting yourself. Eventually you have the dish sealed and ready for the fridge. Any time from 20 seconds to a minute.

I thank God that he made us smart enough to think our way past our innovations.


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