Taking a few moments to be grateful

I had laser eye surgery on my (good) left eye, back in August.

Since then, it has been a challenge to faith, and a real testing. I could see the remnants of the retinal tear, the big floater caused by the bleeding, and the few small floaters caused by the random blood cells having leaked past the initial tear and repair.

But we life in a fast-moving world and there never seems to be enough time for gratitude – real gratitude.

I’ve said before that we need to ‘let others help’, and this is true; we also need to acknowledge their contributions and to tell them that we appreciate their work and gifts.

So I do so, now:

I thank God that he gave this eye surgeon the gifts of knowledge and wisdom; that he had His hand upon the surgeon’s as he laser-sutured my (good) eye; that the tear was a small one, and did not affect my acuity in my (good) eye.

And I am continuing my gratitude after my post-surgery checkup: the repair is holding well, and is stable.

The best news of all? My doctor said, “This is looking really good; it’s stable and holding really well. See you in three months.”

Thank you Lord. Thank you for all the things you do that we see and don’t see. Thank you for my sight. Thank you for hearing my prayers, and for the prayers of all who prayed for me. Please bless them and may your name be glorified. Amen.


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