We need a new way to diet

I was reading an article in the Financial Times this morning about British diets and habits, in particular the muffin-and-coffee breakfast. And it got me to thinking about diets in general.

There are several things which have so far been unrealised in the creation of any diet, whether it’s a fad or otherwise.

The primary point I’m making is: Any solution which can be expressed in a few sentences is an incomplete one.

The correct calculus for health and a proper weight range is so complex and individualised that current attempts to define it in terms of what works for a broad group are doomed to fail, and fail grandly.

We know certain parts of the formula, but other important segments remain dark. For instance, a certain activity level is required, but the exact mix of intake is still being guessed at by researchers.

Diets are forced behaviour with only a passing nod to personal preferences, metabolic type, body type, and the darkest unknown area of all: cravings. Some of these are inherited, some are learned, but as of now, an unknown quantity comes from the body. How can it be determined which is which? The current approaches remain brute-force: Willpower gets the job done! If you failed at the diet, you failed at willpower! Try again, slacker!

What I hope to see during my lifetime is a proven-to-work diet system which takes into account particular body types and metabolic paces. Such a thing would take into account an individual’s personal chemistry, metabolism, and physical makeup.

Imagine a diet assembled just for you and your body type. It would be made up of a set of components, each addressing a particular aspect of individuality. These components would then be assembled for you into a grand scheme, like the way you set out to build a home theatre system: you get the display you want, the satellite, off-air, hardware, and internet feeds you want, the level of switching and sound decoding you need, and finally the speaker system which gives performance combined with aesthetics.


Oh, and the remote’s easy to use.

That’s what I’ve been looking for. But perhaps I haven’t read enough.




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