Getting ready for Winter

We have some rain this morning, and the cool-yet-overheated feeling you have when wearing a coat is a familiar discomfort, recalling those days when it’s too wet not to wear a coat, yet it’s temperate and humid, so you are sweating inside a jacket of any kind.

These are days
when the light is softer,
clouds occluding the sun for most of the day.

You’re glad
you saw the signs earlier
cleaned gutters,
stacked wood for the firepit,
made a note to go to Depot and get new faucet covers,
and put your camera in your pocket
for this morning’s walk with The Big Yellow Dog.

Familiar things return,
welcoming you back
to your favorite season:
low clouds,
wet cars anointed by fallen leaves,
the hiss and clatter of your footsteps
where you haven’t swept or blown,
the stink of a wet dog
who’s lying companionably by your side.

Soon the pellet stove
will be humming merrily,
pellets dropping into the fire with a gentle,

The windows will be closed
to keep the cold and damp
out, not in…

Thank you Lord
for simple things,
complex things beyond my comprehension,
for some regularity
in the continual chaos
of this world.
Thank you
for warm clothes,
a warm house,
this goofy dog,
and my wife;
the woman without whom I would be totally lost.


And I did make an interesting shot this morning: I decided I’d try to see if I could be steady enough while walking Wheaton down to the end of the lane to make a shot of the low clouds.

It’s not perfectly sharp, due to me trying to guess where in a step to press the shutter. But that’s part of photography: continual experimentation in the pursuit of a good shot.

Of course during Fall and part of Winter, this is about as high as the clouds will get, here on the side of the mountain. Here it is; as always, click to enlarge.

(c) Steamguy

Clouds from the Ravine, filtering up to the end of the lane.


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