New Year Introspectives

This is usually a time when folks look at the year gone by and create hopes for the one to come. I’d like to point out some things that have been and always will be.

– Creation is a living, breathing, changing thing.

Up here on the side of the mountain, it tends to be a bit more obvious. Every day is different from the one before. You walk down the lane to the paper-box, and things are not the same as they were yesterday. Ask my Golden Retriever, who can detect minor changes in the smell-scape.

Getting to the grander scheme, God spoke everything into being by saying ‘Let there be’ instead of using some other limiting term. He also spoke it into being, and the word we always use for that action is ‘inspire‘. The Breath of God is Life: remember that he breathed life into Adam.

Let us take a moment and celebrate the ever-changing, ever-different Creation. Every day is a bit different from the one before. Let us all take time to understand that and to breathe that in.

– God’s Word is a living thing.

Every time I pick up my Bible (or its electronic equivalent) I notice that different things come to my notice each time I read through a section. It takes me a couple years or more to go through it from front to back. But some things have become obvious. We use the term inspired to refer to how the Bible got written.

That same term, ‘inspired‘ is always applied to God’s Word. I’ve heard it spoken as ‘God-breathed’, although that term is probably the best. But think about that for a minute: If God ‘breathed’ it, then it must be living!

So therefore I submit this: Every time you pick up the Bible to read it, it will read different. This is because THIS is the Living Word of God, ready to speak into your life. The thing is not to look for meaning, but instead to let the words and the text wash over you, bringing the richness of history, spiced by the living Word. When you stop looking for lessons, stop looking for reinforcement for your ways of thinking, stop looking for self-justification, and instead start listening to what the Word is saying, then… This is reading the Word.

The amazing thing about just sitting down and spending time reading the Bible is that it reads different – every time. So okay, I said that. It bears repeating. And this is because it is a living document.

Let’s wrap up by saying, All Creation points to God. It’s a living, changing, (dare I say: evolving) thing. And God’s Word all points to Christ.

In a time when folks make ‘resolutions’, perhaps one of them could be to find a Daily Text to read. Perhaps we could commit to spending time with God daily, either in awe of his Creation (by going outside and being quiet to listen) or by reading a bit of his Word; or, hey – how about both.


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