A Blessing for my Niece and Nephew …

… who are about to make a major change in their lives, moving to a land of Christmas Sunshine. They take with them all our best wishes, and hopes for a bright future. Your Aunt and Uncle continue to uphold you in loving prayer.

Let me confer a bit of wisdom: When you get up every day and know that you need to put your hand in God’s to accomplish what he has set out for you to do, then you know you’re working deeply in the gifts he has given you, honoring him by following his call into what is both a scary and exciting life.

Up here on the side of the mountain today, it has been a day of clouds, lying deep and heavily upon the landscape and meadows, obscuring absolutely everything. We’ve had occasional light and heavy drizzle, yet the clouds have not lifted. Even though I can’t see beyond these heavy clouds, I know that the ravine opens on the far side of the back meadow, and the Ridge is dusted gloriously and heavily with snow, down to a level just above our elevation. I cannot see it, but I know it’s there, ready to sing to us of God’s creation – once the clouds lift. And they’ll lift only when God says so. Meanwhile I know they’re there, even though I can’t see them.

The point is: Only God decides when we get to see the Ridge. He obscures it often, just to make those times when we can see it more special.

Yes, it’s like that in Life, also.

And now I lift my hand in blessing:

May you always remember that God is always with you
No matter where you go
No matter where you are

May you remember that God is the same God who created
The place where you will be dwelling
As the same place from which you came.

May you remember that God gave you gifts
Which he said he would keep with you
No matter where you go
No matter where you are
No matter what the circumstances;
Just call upon him
And he will remind you.

May God remind you

Through all his creation
Which moves,
And remains an object of wonder,
Always pointing to him.

I request just one thing:
Go outside.

Find a quiet place
Where you can set aside
The pressures and callings
Of your work;
A place where you can look around you
And see this wonderful Creation
Which God put together
For us all to experience.

Go outside.

Get a good hat and coat;

Go outside.

Listen to the rain:
The totally random
Taps upon the earth
And all structures of Man,
God’s reminder
That he is sovereign.

Go outside.

Get hot.
Get cold.
Be alone.
With God.

May you feel his gentle Presence,

And may you
Have the peace
To practice his Presence
Every day.

May you understand

In that level which is too deep to express in words
His guidance
His reassurance
His hand upon your shoulder
And his gentle voice in your ear
Saying “This is the way, Walk in it.” (Is. 30:21)

So shall it be.


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