Stormscapes photography – a video post

I recently ran across some video from Nicolaus Wegner, a photographer who lives in Wyoming. This stuff is spectacular elapsed-time footage of thunderstorms, and it differs from the usual stuff because he uses a camera track to put some movement and perspective change into the material.

The elapsed-time material gives you sort of a God’s-eye view of the storms; it is so involving that at one point I found myself leaning back in my chair as the storm rolled toward the camera. I can also sympathize with one shot where the storm is rolling toward the camera and lightning strikes very close by: ‘Whoa, BABY! Time to pack up the gear and go RIGHT NOW!”

It starts a bit dark, but give it a few moments. He also does a good job of picking music to go with the video; there are some quiet passages, so get your headphones. Consider viewing it full-screen, it’s worth it.


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