Install is next week!

It’s a quiet morning up here on the side of the mountain; the clouds hang low and still. Our resident raven is close by, his grating call echoing across the meadows. We’ve had lots of wind this winter; noticeably more days of it than usual. We’re fortunate to not be under the tons of snow that we see ‘back East’ on the news. It comes at a price though: possible summer drought.

Quiet Saturday mornings like this are treasured; not only for the stillness everywhere, but also for the restorative effect upon the soul. Outside, the quiet is deep and pervasive, allowing the mind to empty of care and just enjoy being alive in such a place; not forgetting to thank God for such a gift. Inside here in our home office, our Golden Retriever lies peacefully by my side, sighing gratefully when I lean over to pet him.

When we built this house some 25 years ago, the construction phase was the epitome of chaos held at arm’s length. There was a continuous background hum of bids, funds-checking, contractor selection, and work supervision. The last couple weeks recall those times strongly.

For this heat pump replacement job, we have now completed the first three parts of the above. With a system like this, it’s always best to work with the dealer/contractor to properly specify the system. I’ve already taken you through my thinking on the type of system we will be installing, so I won’t digress. We’ve selected a Lennox Ultimate Comfort ™ system, which also incorporates some very serious air filtering. Up here during the summer, everything in the house has always got a coating of dust. Maybe after all this time, we can change that.

The ‘point-and-click’ has been charged and will be employed extensively. For something costing this much and causing this much potential disruption – you bet.

All that remains is supervising the install. But to get to that point, the garage has to get a major clean-out. That’s today, beginning after breakfast. But first a few more quiet moments outside with a cup of coffee, watching the world yawn, stretch, and come to life.


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