Storms blowing through: a video post

We finally had some rain on Saturday, and we have been most glad to see it: we are way behind in our water-year, and have been worried about drought conditions this coming summer.

Sunday brought some breezes and thankfully more evening rain; but this year has been marked with more truly windy days than usual. I was headed outside to read and decided I’d grab the phone and so capture a minute and a half (of what we used to call B-roll) to give you a feel for the ambiance.

What you don’t hear well are the oncoming gusts – they normally sound like you’re about to get run over by a jetliner. Maybe they’ll come through enough to give you a feel for the wildness of our typical surroundings. This does give you the feel for a typical breezy day: add snow and you have what Winter feels like here; add rain and you have what Spring feels like; add blowing leaves and rain, and that’s Fall.

But this… days like this… this is the world, alive around you.



I try never
to take for granted
this wonderful place
in which we live;
it is truly a gift from God
and I am merely its caretaker
for now.

I am inspired to make time
to go outside and marvel
at the ever-changing character
ever evolving
never remaining the same
even from day to day;
and I would be fooling myself
if I felt I somehow stayed the same and did not change.

What can it be
which draws me out
into this greater world,
to witness the things around me
vibrant and full of life?

Is it perhaps
the reminder that
my otherwise calm and ordered existence
is merely a sham
and all that stands between us and Nature
is glass,
and fasteners made only by the fragile hands of Man.


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