Reading the Word

I haven’t seen much by way of instruction or advice, so let me perhaps fill the gap a bit:

When you sit down with the purpose to read the Bible, the great thing is that this is the Living Word of God. Like life, it reveals itself to us as we go along, and if you impose your own biases and boundaries upon it, your experience is diminished – you lose the chance to learn from it, be surprised by it, and appreciate the beauty which unfolds before you. Like life, there’s something new every day to be discovered; and every day is a new and different day.

When you impose your own biases upon the Word, then you see only what you want to see. When you look for validation of your viewpoint, you miss important lessons about being open-minded to other views and thereby learning from them.

The best way then, is to set aside all interruptions and begin with the humility of asking God to help you see and experience his living Word. It doesn’t matter where you start, or where you finish; just read.

Allow the text to flow past you, around you, through you.

Read it as though you were picking up a novel for the first time; something a friend recommended to you, but they remained mysterious about the plot. Don’t try to interpret anything you read; instead let God show you whatever he wants you to see today. This is how the text begins to come to life.

Every day will be different. As you experience that in your reading, then you are experiencing the thrill of the living Word.


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