Morning Prayers

I sit in the almost the same spot
every morning
head bowed
hands folded
on my knees before God’s throne.

The sun slants in today from a different angle,
paused in its mobius from the East to the North.

The big yellow dog
lies quietly nearby – within reach of a gentle stroke
between his ears.

I am thankful for so many things:
this place, these times,
above all, the love of a good woman and my journey through life with her.


Lord, hear my prayer:

May my wife heal better than before,
keep hope alive in her.

Let us be able to come to Worship together
once again as we did in the past.

Walking into the sanctuary
and sitting with moderate comfort on the hard pews
our hands intertwining both from habit and in comfort,
each feeling strength and love from the other’s nearness.

To rise and lift our voices in joy..

We hold the back of the pew in front of us and when risen,
our hands find each other again.

Lord, hear my prayer.

May we be able to walk the wide paths along the sea again,
together hand in hand,
gently bumping from time to time against each other
comfortable in closeness and separation,
the dog, gentle and playful at the end of the leash.

Lord, hear my prayer.

May I once again hear her bubbly joy from the kitchen
as she puts together something delicious she’s read about
using ‘weird food’ things she’s found.

Lord, hear my prayer.

May I hold her in my arms again
rejoicing in the simple touch of her kiss
and her head upon my shoulder as I just…
hold her, loving her in my embrace,

Lord, hear my prayer.

May you o God give us the means
to repay the medical bills we know are coming;
May we not have to worry further about them.

Lord, hear my prayer.

I forgive the incompetence of her doctor
who did not diagnose the problem in her spine,
but instead remained distracted from it by other things.

May her eyes be opened to the error of her ways,
and may another person never have to pay for such a distraction
in the way that we have.

Lord, hear my prayer.

I cast all my burdens onto you
as I prepare for work today;
may I use well the gifts you have given me
in the way you would have me use them;
and may your Name be glorified.

Lord, hear my prayer.


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