Not all the region’s fires are on the news

For instance, the one that’s 12 miles away from us here on the side of the mountain. Yes, only 12 miles away. When I got up yesterday at about SIX AM – thanks to Wheaton, who won’t let me sleep in – and we went down to get the paper at the end of the lane, it was a quiet, clear, morning.

As we got back up to the house, the wind was starting to pick up from the morning calm. And a few minutes later, it brought smoke. A lot of smoke.

A couple hours later, I went outside for a moment and began to cough from the density of the smoke. You could tell that the wind had whipped up the local fire; and the flow down the Gorge was bringing smoke from the East and North.

I was busy with projects around the house and property, so didn’t have time to grab a snapshot until the afternoon. By then you could tell that the local crews had gotten control of the smaller local fire – couldn’t smell it so much – but there was still a lot of haze. Saw the evening news and people in Portland are complaining about the little bit of stuff they have in the air there. However, when you look toward the Ridge, and can’t see much more than the outline of the trees, now THAT’s smoky. I did manage to grab the phone and make a snapshot in the afternoon. To imagine what it looked like earlier in the day, these trees were visible only as dark smudges. The stupid phone camera has no manual mode, so auto-corrects for brightness and contrast. Photobucket allows me to get at least a little back, so here’s a pretty good representation of what it looked like:


Let us remember to pray for the safety of those who are fighting these fires; may God grant them strength equal to the task, and keep them safe as they work.


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