Sitting the Sunset

Sitting the Sunset


Tonight I sat the sunset for the first time this summer;
Late August.

Bible studies open in front of me,
The word of God flowing from the page
up my arms
across my chest
around my heart
and off into the distance.

Past my age-clouding eyes,
whispering in my ears:
“Look here – see there -”

Playfully ruffling my hair with a breeze
as I slowly begin to hear
and understand, like a child,
that which is being gently shown me tonight.

The clouds,
old friends which have been absent
for far, far, too long
are back for tonight;
moving brushstrokes
across the canvas of the darkening blue.

The dog starts with a jump,
lunging at some shadow along the edge of the meadow;
his leash bringing him up short
before he can hurt himself.
The sudden jerk at my chair
a cause to put my glasses back on
and look for his motivation.

But I cannot look after it for long
as the glorious wonder of the cloud layers
commands all attention,
running in the visible spectra we all learned
and in order from West to East:
red, orange, yellow, green (although not much), blue, indigo, violet…

The Word flows about me,
around me,
past me;
living – the Living Word,
things to discover,
life anew, each time I read.

My Golden Retriever has gone surprisingly quiet and calm;
perhaps the stillness and sanctity of this quiet evening
is making an impression upon him.
Or perhaps he’s just gone to sleep.

No stars are visible above yet,
but the first cricket of the evening has begun to sound.

I continue to let the Word flow past me,
around me;
letting the Life in the Word speak to the moment.
I must force myself to set aside all preconceptions
to not put restraints upon it;
and to allow my mind and heart
to be open in true humility
and to hear it speak
as if I am hearing it spoken by the Writer.

And to let it live to the accompaniment of crickets and deepening twilight.


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