We’ve had our first REAL rain shower overnight.

Last night, as I was sitting outside with long pants on for the first time in months, my devotions before me, and watching all the clouds roll by, it… began… to… rain! 

Sounds I’ve not heard in five months made a welcome return: the tick-ticka-tickity sound of the leading edge of a passing shower; the muffled clatter of the rain on my patio umbrella, the rain in the trees like distant applause…

Now, Wheaton just hates getting rained on and so started barking at me to go in, but sorry, old friend … No way. Not now. I told him: “Buddy, its been 5 months since we’ve had rain, we’re going to sit here.” 

Here he is, wanting in because it’s raining. Usually making a snapshot of him is enough to make him stop, but not this time.

Head down, working up to a WOOF!!:



He hates the rain. Unusual for a dog who loves to get muddy, dirty, and generally icky in anything he can find.

Meanwhile, I’d opened the big patio umbrella which is my usual shelter from the rain. The bees were huddled together in its folds, staying warm. (They’re not yellow jackets; if they were, they’d be dead, guaranteed!) But these are a more benign form of wasp; they’ve been good to me over the years, generally leaving me alone because I don’t bother them. but this year I got my first sting in literally years: one fell off the umbrella, landed on my arm, and figured he’d take it out on me.

I generally don’t get within a few feet of them as they can get agitated, but last night I chanced a snapshot with the phone. There was a large cluster on the other side of the umbrella, but … knowing the bees, I wasn’t going to get anywhere near that. You should be able to click on this and enlarge it to make out how the bees cluster together along the ribs of the umbrella:



The last time precipitation has hit the ground up here on the side of the mountain was back in July; and even then, we only got in the hundredths-of-inches. But his morning when I went to take Wheaton for a walk, it was like a scene from the movie Pleasantville.

Suddenly instead of the tan monochromatic tones of dust everywhere there was actual living color.

I couldn’t believe how wonderful everything looked and smelled; how amazing the colors could be just in walking down to get the paper. Tried to make a snapshot but Big Yellow Dog was pulling on my arm and threw me off every time I tapped to take s shot… I’m sorry for the camera shake, as it’s unprofessional. But I’m posting it anyway just because it shows that the mountain suddenly has COLOR…


Look here… The road is GREY! With a dusting of BROWN pine needles! And the leaves on the shoulders are BROWN… and GREEN! And the smells… wonderful smells fill your senses, instead of your nose being tickled by the overwhelming smell of that awful tan dust.

I must have said it a hundred times outside last night; I’ll say it once again: Thank you, Lord.

This morning as I write, we’re getting a nice shower. My hat and coat are hanging on the hooks in the laundry, drying off – this is the first time in five months that I’ve needed them. And this is the first time in a long time that I’ve had my buddy with a wet-dog-smell, lying next to me.

Feels like home again. Finally.


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