Wish me luck, I’m going in… Windows 10. And I found a bug already.

Since I seem to have been elected the IT guy for our church, the step to Win10 may be a logical one. But first we need a test case.
That’s me.
Deep breath, here we go…


Oh great…



Two and a half hours later… it works …great…? Well, ‘as good as before’ is a better characterization.

I do suggest going to PCWorld and looking at their articles about how to keep the surveillance factors down; they’re quite valuable. For instance, I find it kind of creepy that Cortana can use my laptop’s camera and mic to keep track of me. Those articles show you how to turn all that stuff off, and let your computer be your servant, not your slave.

Speaking of laptops, there is a startup bug that is manufacturer-specific.

Some laptops, when cold-started, will hang on the initial screen with the ‘whirling dots’ icon. You can tell it’s hung because the dots halt completely. Holding the power button down to force a power-off, then clicking it again to restart the computer brings a normal boot. The culprit is ‘fast start’, which some manufacturers use, to get the system up quicker. If you do a search for ‘Win 10 boot hang fast start’, it should take you right to the solution.


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