An evening with The River of Clouds

I made a time-lapse of the Ravine at sunset last night, below is the result…

I saw the clouds forming and re-forming to form the visual phenomenon we call The River of Clouds, so just for fun, I grabbed the cellphone from my pocket and made photos every few minutes over the time space of an hour to an hour and a half as the sun set.

It’s nifty to see how the clouds down in the ravine rise and fall, advance and retreat; at one point we’re nearly socked-in. This happens due to the air currents at sunset being a little chaotic; they generally settle down just after sunset. And you can see this in the very last frame of the video – although I had to enhance it to get the contrast up a bit. In person, it’s pretty impressive, as the eye has the ability to make good images in most any light.

This is one of the reasons I go outside to read and do devotions every night. You can clearly see this tiny corner of creation shouting, “God is! God IS!!”


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