Time for a new Star Wars fix

Adweek has just released the details of an upcoming Duracell ad that features Star Wars action, assisted by Disney Studios.

Yes, Disney. And the video is now available.

I’ve long maintained that the most expensive, best-produced material is in advertising, and this is a prime example. Let me quote from Adweek here:

The visual and audio presentation are especially impressive, as you’d expect, given that Duracell partnered with Disney, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound to achieve an authentic, exhilarating look and feel.

“Everything was very genuine to the Star Wars universe,” Seth Jacobs, Anomaly group creative director, tells Adweek. “So much so that our costumes needed to travel from The Force Awakens set in London to Los Angeles, where we were shooting. Then they were watched over by Disney security 24 hours a day for the duration of our shoot.”

Pacific Rim’s Shawn Levy, who directed the Night at the Museum films, does a fine job of integrating the Christmas-morning happenings with the more dynamic Star Wars footage.

And here’s the piece – enjoy!


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