Stormy Day Breakfast: Chips and Salsa with Scrambled Eggs

There was little good in yesterday’s dawn: an icy wind driving rain sideways, and the strong promise of an ice storm to come. It was the kind of weather where the temperature hovers just at the ‘conversion point’ – that point where it ceases to become damp and then as it gets a little colder, becomes arctic. Now, arctic you can stand, because it doesn’t chill you so fast; but this damp cold goes straight to your bones and tries hard to take up residence.

After I’d come in from the morning dog-walk, it took me the better part of an hour to warm up. Meanwhile, I’d come up with this idea for breakfast. According to my wife, it’s a spectacular success, so it’s worthy of sharing. This first time I figured out that I could have cooked the eggs differently, and I’ll note that along the way. This serves two.


5 eggs
2 Tbsp. Ranch dressing (“Light” is okay, but not fat-free; it’ll break and doesn’t taste all that good anyway)
Pat of butter for the frying pan
1/4 C shredded cheddar cheese
2 big handfuls of your favorite tortilla chips (we happen to like Rosarita’s)
1/2 C good salsa (we like Frontera)


While your frying pan is heating, take each plate and pile a handful of chips on it. Cover liberally with the cheese. Put about 1/4 cup of your salsa in the cup, and you’re ready for the cooking portion. See the photo.

All set. Let’s cook eggs!

Crack the eggs into a useful bowl, then add the Ranch dressing to them. (add the eggs first; if you don’t, you’ll never get the Ranch mixed right – been there) Scramble all together until smooth.

Add the butter to the pan, and allow it to sizzle for a moment; then before it begins to turn color, add the eggs and cook using the French method* (keeping them moving) until you get them to the way you like them done. Some folks like moist, some like dry. Your choice. Immediately distribute the hot eggs over the cheese and chips. Allow to stand for only a minute so the cheese melts underneath, then serve.

Here’s a photo of the finished dish. Enjoy!

They taste as good as they look. And you can use your fingers with the chips if you want!

The first time I did this, I allowed the eggs to become large curds. This would work much better with small curds, hence the note to scramble them using the French method.

Also really important here: Please note that I did NOT add any salt and pepper to the eggs. You really don’t need them: The chips have LOTS of salt in them, and the salsa is plenty spicy.


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