I am a Grand Fir

I am a Grand Fir,
my needles soft and lush.
I began as a seedling in a nursery,
cared for in moderate shade;
nearly a third of my tree-brothers
were lost to lack of viability,
an inability to survive where planted.

I am a Grand Fir,
I am about 8 years old now,
and was harvested as a Christmas tree.
At the time, I hoped
I could go to some lucky family
and bring Christmas indoors to them.

I am a Grand Fir,
and I stood in the Boy Scouts’ tree lot
for only a couple days
until I was spotted by man
with a burden on his heart
to bring Christmas
to his recovering wife.
They had not been able to have a tree
for two years; due
to one thing or another:
injury, sickness.
But this year
was going to be different!!

I am a Grand Fir,
slowly decorated by the loving husband,
a poignant joy in his heart
shared with his wonderful, loving wife.
My deep, wonderful scent
greets them each morning now,
and sends them quietly off to bed
with a reminder
of the coming of a little baby
whose life was a message
of love and deliverance.

I am a Grand Fir,
and I now stand proudly
just inside the windows
where on the other side
I can see across the hills and valleys
to the slope
where I grew up.


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