First Trace of Snow

… And just in time for Christmas!

The Big Yellow Dog (of course) wouldn’t let me sleep much past daybreak, and recognizes no days off. So I got up to quiet his barking, and noticed what looked like a heavy frost outside. Funny, it wasn’t supposed to get that cold last night… and then when I got my glasses on, I saw we had about 1/4″ of snow.

We’ve been watching the snow level creep down the Ridge over the last few days, and it’s now come down to our level. I expect we’ll see it disappear during the day today, but likely may wake up to a half inch or more on Christmas morning.

So, here are some photos for you, in case it’s not snowy and Christmas-like where you are. First, the reason I was outside in the first place:


A look through the trees of my upper meadow toward the Ridge:

(Yep, that’s my burn-pile there on the left. Culls and such.) The meadow is VERY rough to walk, it’s a real risk to your ankles. I only go down to the trees there when I’m on the tractor.


That little bit of snow – a quiet breath of it, really – makes for nice light and shadows in the meadow grass.



And a second study, one that I like a bit more for the feel I try for in many of my photos, one of ‘tangible texture’.


May God bring you at least one heartwarming surprise; anything from the cold wet nose shoving my elbow as I write this, to the surprise of a sugar-dusting of snow on Christmas, to the gentle warmth of being in touch with friends and family; may you see it and realize it for what it is: you are not alone, for God came to the world in proof of his great love for us. He came to be among us: to have hunger and thirst, annoying brothers and sisters, hit his thumb with a hammer, catch colds, have gas, even tear a ligament, He came to be with us, loving each of us so much that he would rather die than be without us.

The greatest miracle of all, begun with a tiny baby born in a stable, so very long ago.


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