Pantry Recommendation

A while ago my wife read about this chef in Chicago called Stephanie Izard. She runs a restaurant called The Girl and the Goat, and according to my wife, she’s on her way to becoming famous. They sell ‘their secret sauces’ online, and so she had ordered some last spring.

I’ve already recounted the story of her fall and subsequent back surgery, but a couple months ago I was looking for something to overnight-marinate what would have been a really tough cut of meat (a so-called “find” in the Used Meat section* of Safeway), and my wife remembered ordering this stuff.

It works. Period. And it gave the best flavor we’d had in a long time. I’ve tried a lot of other stuff, but nothing works like this to “fix” one of my ‘finds’.

So I got braver and tried the #1 Rub on a good steak.
We found ourselves with no leftovers.

And then for Christmas, I’d found a good rib roast (yes I paid full price – it was for Christmas, after all), and we decided to do the pat-down, salt-rub, overnight method for it. So on Christmas Eve morning, after I rubbed the salt into the roast, I rubbed in the #1 Rub, then put the roast (uncovered) in the garage fridge where there was plenty of air around it. When I took it out on Christmas Day, it smelled wonderful.

And Christmas dinner turned out fabulous.

Last Wednesday, I’d found some sliced big Portobellos on sale in the Used Vegetables* section, so picked those up. To stretch the leftovers last night I sauteed them in a little bit of real butter and a pinch of salt, and decided to add a couple pinches of the #1 Rub to them.

I can’t describe how great they turned out. my wife, who is often less than impressed with my cooking ideas, was raving about them, and said I should write to Stephanie Izard. I will.

Okay, here’s where you go to check out the stuff.

Stephanie Izard’s page (nice of her to share recipes):

The restaurant page:

The ‘secret sauces’ page:

When my tin of #1 Rub gets just a little lower, I’m going back for a couple more; can there ever be any better recommendation…?

*This is what I jokingly call the ‘reduced for quick sale’ bin, and am sometimes rewarded.


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