An easier way to cook an omelette – a useful technique

I’m the first guy to admit that I don’t cook omelettes the French way – keeping them moving, making them just simple eggs-and-water. We like our omelettes with fillings, or often just with a bit of cheese enfolded.

But the biggest hassle had always been the use of the broiler. You have to stand around and wait for the broiler to heat up, then you have to be careful not to burn yourself when you remove the pan, and if you are doing more than one omelette, then you’re dealing with that hot pan handle.

I’d decided I’ve had enough of that – there HAS to be a better way. And I’ve found it. Read on!

Most of us have more than one pan in our cooking ‘toolbox’. My gourmet-hobbyist wife of course has several types. But me, just a simple guy, I use only two or three.

This technique works great if you have two different sizes of frying pans; they don’t have to be by the same manufacturer. First, before you start and while they’re cold, find a larger one that sits nicely on top of the smaller one that you’ll be using to make omelettes. Now sometimes, you have two of a similar size that fit each other perfectly. If that’s you – lucky you! Best I can find here is one that’s bigger than the other, but fits nicely on top. Let’s continue…

Now, preheat your usual omelette pan in the usual manner. On a separate burner, preheat the larger of the two pans on medium-to-medium-low.  (You may have to adjust the heat, depending on how well your larger pan retains the heat.)

Start and make your omelette in the usual manner, and after you add whatever fillings you want, turn the burner WAY down, to prevent scorching of the eggs on the bottom. Now take the larger pan and park it on top of the smaller pan, like this:

See, no broiler needed! You save energy, and save your hands from getting burnt on the hot pan handle! The heat from the larger pan does the work of the broiler, and it’s twice as fast!

Okay, so here’s the proof that it works, a shot looking directly down into the pan after only a couple minutes:

Look at the eggs – PERFECTLY done!

But wait – how’s the bottom look? I had the burner on just a bit too high, but look at how nice the underside turns out:

Should have moved the toast a bit, but I’ll get to it in a second. No harm done.

To quote one of those people my wife watches on the food networks, “How easy is that?”

So how about that – no more burnt hands and no more swearing at the hot pan from the broiler, plus we save energy in the bargain.

Give this a try – hope you find it works for you as well as it does for me.


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