Dara tells me: Time to mow the meadow!

Those of you who know me also know that this time of year is our busiest time at work. This year has been no exception, and I’ve had to work through the last couple of weekends. Meanwhile the weather has been pretty much perfect for growing grass: heavy rains followed by brilliant, unseasonably hot sunshine.

Chatting with my neighbor up the road, neither of us can believe the sudden change from high 50’s – low 60’s to EIGHTY-THREE DEGREES! Holey cow!

But this post is just an excuse to post some ‘dog pictures’.

So here’s Dara, navigating her way through the back meadow:

Her ‘herder instincts’ have her off looking in the far corners of the meadow for lost sheep. But at one point I think she might have given up because the tall grass tickles her tummy.

Meanwhile here, I had to use the digital zoom (which I don’t care for, due to artifacts) to show how she’s giving something in front of her – probably a field mouse – most of her attention, all the while keeping an eye on me:

Okay, I felt good and guilty. But I finally got to get the mowing done in the front and back meadows, this last weekend.

I even got to spend some time in the upper meadow, knocking down a good part of the blackberry vines – the darn things have been getting out of control lately, and I’m letting the woods naturally advance and take over that whole upper meadow. I don’t have fences up there, and I’ve been rewarded (both good and bad) with wildlife. There are more than enough field mice and wood rats to go around, but at least the raptors are taking care of them.

Speaking of wildlife, the Great Horned Owls have returned. It’s fascinating to listen to them hooting at each other, as they scan the meadows. They share the space with at least one Barn Owl, and that little critter has found a perch somewhere not far from my back deck. Her shriek is loud, close by, and bloodcurdling. It’s enough to make me jump, and for sure Dara doesn’t care for it. She hops to her feet with a great start, and tries to go off and hide somewhere.

This is what a “before” picture would look like; cellphone cameras (due to their technology) aren’t all that good at capturing low-light photos, so this is during daylight.

And the God-cursed mice are back. We had one get in last night, and wow, did that cause a commotion. First thing this morning was a call to a reliable exterminator. This seems to happen every couple years, and it’s never cheap.

Meanwhile, I truly do thank God every evening for the chance to sit outside and read. It’s a little easier to find that quiet of heart and mind that you need as an anchor in an increasingly noisy world.

No matter where you live, I’d like to encourage you to take the time and go outside. Whether or not your furry companion comes along, just take the time away and go talk to God. Count on him to listen.


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