Mice in the house … again

It seems like every few years we have this trouble. Sometimes we go for half a dozen years, sometimes (like this year) it’s been only two.

The long months of fall and winter rains, combined with an extremely mild winter, have made the rodent populations explode. Up here on the side of the mountain, we have troubles with mice, wood rats, shrews, and more. The local coyote population is down, so they’re not getting hunted as relentlessly as usual.

Last week, I knocked down the grasses and thornbushes in the upper meadow, to give the raptors better hunting.

Looks like I was too late.

A few days ago, a mouse popped out of where the pellet stove is and scampered across the floor, causing great panic for my wife. Of course the next day we called the exterminators, and of course this year they’re really busy.

Meanwhile we’ve peppered the house with a few different kinds of traps because not all mice or rats  can be caught in one type of trap. I also have dog-proof bait boxes set out (yup, I’m experienced in this).

I’ll update this posting later and tell you how many we killed this year…


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