Wow, the tansy is prolific this year…

A couple weeks ago, I’d run over a stick that was about 3″ or so, bending the front underside of my big mid-mount mower on my Kubota.

I’d asked a good friend who is a tractor nut if he could help me fix it, since my hands don’t work right anymore. He said, “Sure! Anytime!” And today we pulled the big mid-mount deck and had a look at it. It was hot, sweaty, work.

There is a blessing in the simple help of friends which is often overlooked today. We tend to be independent, and want to rely solely upon ourselves. But we in actuality were not made that way.

We were all made to work better, together. And it was through the joint effort of he and I, that we got the deck fixed, reattached, and me able to do work again.

Friend helping friend.

Step outside yourself. Let others help.

You will find a bond you never knew existed, with a friendship deeper than you never knew you had.

And for me, after the repairs, I was able to mow down that God-cursed tansy for this year. Look at how the stuff was trying to take over…

And now at the end of the day, I can rejoice in a friend found, and in tansy mowed down.

Do not let an opportunity for someone to help go by. It blesses both you and them, and lays praise upon God’s name.


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