A post from Dara, the Aussie/Golden dog: A diary of my day

Hi everyone, Dad’s away from the computer so I thought I’d tell you about the great home I have now. I love living here, and I just love it that I have a schedule for my day; the Aussie side of me needs a schedule:

About 5:00 AM –

Dad wakes up a bit and stirs, usually turning to lie on his back. I get  out of my nice soft bed and go over to visit him; it’s obvious that he needs some of my attention, because he’s trying to get back to sleep. I put my nose on the edge of the bed, and if he doesn’t respond, I give him a gentle nudge or two with my nose. If he still doesn’t respond, then I start licking his arm. Then he wakes up enough to pet me, which is what I’ve been looking for. I make sure to move my head around from side to side and up and down, so he pets all of my head. I won’t let him stop until I’m blissful and happy. Then I sink gratefully to the floor, and after a few minutes, will turn around just to make sure I’m right in the way when he gets up in an hour an a half. There’s no reason to move, because I’m so happy lying here in his way like this. I’ll stay right here even after Dad gets up and goes into the other end of the house. When I figure he’s about to come back to the hallway, I’ll move down to the far end where he’ll see me, and I’ll wait for him there.

About 6:45 AM –

Dad appears in the hallway. I jump to a sitting position because I’m so happy to see him. My little Aussie tail just wiggles and wiggles while he hugs me, talks to me, and pets me. Dad calls it “dusting the floor”. Then it’s time to go out. We start down the living room steps together, and I’m so glad, I lift my chin and give a little happy low growl from deep in my chest, with a sound like, “Arrr”!

This is a great time of the morning!

After I go out, I sit at the top of the steps and take in all of the sights and smells of my meadow. Eventually, I’m done contemplating the morning and go down to do my business. It’s just so much fun to sit and watch bunnies, watch birds. and watch deer that I often get distracted for several minutes.

But eventually my tummy reminds me that Dad has breakfast set out for me. So I come bouncing up the steps, and if Dad isn’t in sight, I sit at the door, watch through the glass, and wait patiently. Then when Dad sees me, he says, “There’s Dara!” and I just get so happy, I put my head back and give a little howl, with a sound like, “ArrrroooAAARRROOOoo!” At this point I just can’t contain my happiness to see Dad again, and I start wiggling all the way from my little tail all through my whole body.

Seeing Dad at the door! It’s my favorite thing!

He lets me in, and I lean against him while he hugs and pets me, and asks, “Did you pee? Are you ready for your breakfast?” Well of course I am! I just do my little happy-dance, throwing my head back and forth, while I bounce-trot across the living room and vault the stairs in one jump.

Breakfast! It’s my favorite thing!

Eventually I follow Dad down the hallway; I know he’s going to go stand in the glass box where water sprays. After I poke my nose in the door to check on him, I know he’s busy, so I go over to the bed and jump up to snuggle with Mom. I go up close and sit there, towering over her, looking at her, and if she doesn’t respond, I give her a gentle nudge or two with my nose. If she still doesn’t respond, then I start licking her arm. Then she wakes up enough to pet me, which is what I’ve been looking for. I make sure to move my head around from side to side and up and down, so she pets all of my head. I won’t let  her stop until I’m blissful and happy. Then I lie down next to her, making sure that I crowd her nice and snugly, and now I’ll be happy for several hours.

Snoozing on the bed with Mom! It’s my favorite thing!

A couple hours later –

Mom gets up and covers up the bed on her side to keep me out of the sheets. Darn. Those sheets are nice and clean, and soft, and warm, and snuggly too. But that’s okay. Laying on the bed is so nice and comfy, it makes me sleepy just thinking of it. So I always take a nap while Mom goes out to the living room. I’ll join her later.

It’s always nice when she sees me pop my head around from the hallway, because she says, “Dara!” Just hearing her say my name makes me happy and I just can’t stop my little tail from wagging. I always go and sit in front of her on the floor for hugs and pets. After I’ve had enough pets, depending on my mood, I’ll either lie on the couch next to Mom, or I’ll lie between the couch and the coffee-ottoman where it’s nice and snug, and I can feel like I’m in a “den”. The feeling of “denning” always makes me feel snug and happy, and I’ll always go to sleep there.

Being next to Mom! It’s my favorite thing!

After a while, the floor gets to feeling hard, and I remember how nice and soft the bed is. So I head down there and have a snooze until Dad gets home.

When I hear the back door close, and Dad’s steps on the floor, I just perk up with excitement. I jump off the bed and come trotting down the hall, just in time to hear Dad say, “There’s our Dara! Hi Dara! How’s our sweetie?” And I just get so happy, I’m just wiggling all over! Dad hugs me and starts to pet me, and I stick my head between his legs just for sheer happiness. He pets me all over, and just loves to see my little tail wagging completely from side to side of my rear end. Of course I can’t help it! Dad’s home!

Dad coming home! It’s my favorite thing!

Dad then puts my food down, but I’m just so excited I can’t eat right away. I sit at the end of the hallway, and when he turns away, I give a little growl of  “Arrrooo!” because he just stepped out of my sight.

Every night we have a little conversation: I’ll growl, and he’ll growl back, trying to get me to ‘talk’ more. I’ve been more and more ‘talkative’ lately, but I don’t ‘talk’ when strangers are around. I’m just too shy.

Dad then changes clothes into ones that he wears for the rest of the evening – they have a richer smell of his scent – and then we go outside. I go investigate all corners of my meadow to see if anything’s changed since this morning, and Dad goes and sits in his chair and talks to God some. He always has treats for me, for when I come back up on the deck to check on him. Then I get close and he pets and pets and pets me, often brushing my fur with a brush he keeps outside. It feels pretty good, mostly for the attention.

Being outside with Dad! It’s my favorite thing! (Except when it’s raining and he has the umbrella up. I’m really scared of that umbrella.)

Then we go in for a minute, and I run to my dish to plow through my food. Afterward, I just feel so good, that I can’t help but wag my little tail slowly. I’ll even give a little “Arrooaarrr” growl if I’m particularly happy.

Eating my dinner! It’s my favorite thing!

We’ll go back out for a while, and Dad will talk to God some more, while I’m back exploring the meadows. Then we come in, and I lie right in Dad’s way for when he gets ready to sit on the couch. It’s just such a great spot, right here in Dad’s way, I never want to move. So I don’t understand (actually I just act like I don’t understand) when they want me to move. We’ll watch TV, and Mom and Dad will call me up on the couch to lie between them. This is my favorite part of the night, getting pets from both Mom and Dad.

Getting pets on the couch from BOTH Mom and Dad! It’s my favorite thing!

Eventually, Dad heads off to bed. I’ll notice and follow, just to make sure he’s OK. If Mom takes a while to come to bed, I’ll go out and quietly check on her. Then it’s back to my nice, soft bed.

And that’s my day! Isn’t it just great?



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